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Kent G. Ichikawa

Born to an American mother and a Japanese father, Kent was brought up in the outskirts of Tokyo. Surrounded by Japanese friends, family and even attending Japanese grade school, his childhood was heavily influenced by his unique cultural background. 


The cultural dichotomy of Japan and the United States 

The all-English international school I attended starting middle school helped me to maintain both languages at a high level, shaping me into the bilingual, bi-cultural individual that I am today. Moreover, the heavily international environment at my former school allowed me to make life-long friends with people of varying nationalities from around the world, providing me with unique experiences and perspectives that I will benefit from in the future.


While Tokyo was where I lived, I spent a lot of time in the suburbs of Philadelphia in south Jersey, home to the American side of my identity. My style of art can be best described as a combination of Japanese urbanism and American northeastern suburbia - A cultural mix that birthed a very unique and distinctive artistic sensation that I strive to express through visual mediums.


One medium that I am particularly passionate in, is motion picture. I have worked on a variety of videos including narrative films, documentaries, animations, music videos and commercial videos. My passion lies specifically in cinematography, also knows as the Director of Photography. I specialize in translating words and ideas into visuals using lighting and camera work. I am however not limited to this role as I also edit, color grade and can assist with production design. All of these specializations tie into one big artistic vision that me as an artist, the cinematographer, can share with the director and the screenwriter.

I am currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a student at Temple University, studying film production.

Half Past Six Films is my official production name.


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